Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet service


The Airport Concierge service is the way to stress-free arrival in Japan.
Many passengers who have just arrived into unfamiliar airport never find the service you need to deal with or the way to go to next transportation to go to town easily and quickly.
Available 365 days a year, our friendly Meet & Greet service at Japanʼs six major Airports.

  • Narita International Airport
  • Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
  • Chubu Centrair International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)
  • Kobe Airport
  • Fukuoka Airport

Airserve, with dedicated offices in Japanʼs six major Airports, can quickly adjust to changes in schedule or circumstance. The highly trained Airserve assistant assigned to the passenger will monitor flight status and be waiting in the airport arrival lobby to greet you after luggage retrieval and customs inspection.
After welcoming you, Airserve staff can assist with documentation, train or bus ticket purchases, redeeming of Japan Rail Pass vouchers, currency exchange, and SIM card and WiFi rentals.

Meet & Greet service

To ensure a smooth and secure transfer, the assigned Airserve assistant will then escort you to the boarding point of your next mode of transportation, such as airport shuttle so-called Limousine Bus, train, or taxi. Upon request, the Airserve assistant can also inform your associates or awaiting party of your time of arrival, train car number, and seat number.

All services are provided in English. Chinese and German-speaking assistants are available on request at selected airports.
Please note that services are not provided in the “airside” section of the airport.
Please contact us for details about the services we offer in other languages.

Airserve assistant
Our Service include

If the traveller did not have a chance to exchange money before you leave your country, you can exchange it at airport. Assistant will take the passenger to the exchange office.

If the traveller arranged the rental WiFi router to pick up at the airport, airserve assistant will help the traveller to pick up. Simpy let us know the company name and reservation number to check prior to your arrival.

For the long distance travel by bulet train, express train, other JR train, and JR bus. It is a good idea to use value ticket called “Japan Rail PASS”. If the traveller want to use the pass, traveller must buy the pass before you leave own country.

Purchace JR Pass at

Upon arrival, activate the voucher to the real ticket and make booking for the first train to use. There are JR ticketting center at many airport.

※There are ristriction. Please read JR Pass rules.

Airserve provide the service to activate the voucher and to make first train reservation. Explain how to reserve nexxt train reservation.

※Since there are a lot of people want to exchange the JR pass nowdays, there will be a long line and waiting for the exchange at JR pass office.

※If the flight delay or late night or early morning arrival, the JR Pass office will be closed.

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