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Where can I find the price list?
Prices of services are available on the Rates pages. If the service you are interested in is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us.
Can you hand out documents such as vouchers, train tickets, and itineraries to our clients? (For travel agent or DMC)
Yes, please forward the documents to Airserve no later than 3 days before arrival. If necessary, we will also explain how to use or exchange the vouchers and other documents.
Can you help me with exchanging the Japan Rail Pass voucher, making reservations, or buying tickets at the airport?
Yes, definitely. We can help you exchange the voucher for the actual pass, and make reservations at the same time. We can also help with buying tickets, recommending the best way to your destination, and explaining how to ride the public transport system.
Can you help me rent a mobile phone at the airport or buy a SIM card?
Yes, we can. There are several mobile phone rental shops in the airport terminal.If you intend to buy a SIM card to use in your own phone, you will need an unlocked handset, at least 3G (CDMA) network compatible. Let us know in advance the brand and exact model of handset you own (including the version) and we will find out if it is suitable for use in Japan.
I did not find your representative at the airport, what do I do?
Should this very unlikely event occur, please call the number you have been given at time of booking or head to our service counter (see map supplied at time of booking) for advice.
What is the service booking deadline?
Ideally, 3 days prior to arrival, but we recommend booking as early as possible. Although it may be more difficult to assign staff capable of speaking the requested language, we will do our best to handle bookings at a shorter notice. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. In case of flight number change or cancellation up to one day before arrival, no fees will be charged.
Can Airserve buy tickets for our clients and invoice us the amount later? (For travel agent or DMC only)
Yes, it is possible but only for fixed amount tickets (for ex. train, bus), not for taxi fare. Be sure to let us know what you need in the ``Comments`` section at time of booking, or via the ``Contact Us`` page.
Are the services offered in languages other than English?
At selected locations, we can provide services in Chinese and German. Contact us for details and services in other languages.
Is it possible to rent the Airserve counter space at Narita Airport? (For agent or DMC)
Yes, our counter is located in the arrival hall. Although our staff will be available for free, an hourly rental fee will be charged for the counter. Contact us for a quote.
Can I request a specific assistant and/or choose male or female?
Yes, depending on staff availability we will do our best to honor your request. However, if you are carrying big, heavy luggage, you will be assigned a male assistant.
Are your services available at locations other than those mentioned on the website?
Yes, contact us for any particular request you may have.