Communication Device


What is the size and weight of the Travel Earphone?
The transmitter is 117x55x23mm and weights 101 g, batteries included.
The receiver is 100x54x15mm and weights 63 g, batteries included.
What about autonomy?
Under normal usage conditions, average autonomy is 16 hours for the transmitter and 20 hours for the receiver. Both devices are low consumption, energy efficient and automatically switch off after 30 minutes of inactivity. The power light will blink when it is necessary to change the batteries.
How much is the penalty fee in case of loss, theft, or damage?
In case of loss, theft, or damage, the penalty fee is 5,500 Japanese Yen for the receiver (VAT 10% included) and 11,000 Japanese Yen (VAT 10% included) for the transmitter.
When is the booking deadline?
Please book no later than 5 business days before intended use.
How do I configure and use the device?
Setting up the device is straightforward and easy. Start by powering on both devices. Select a channel on the transmitter (for ex. Channel 5), then choose the same channel (channel 5) on the receiver. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. You can now start using the system. A total of 16 channels can be used simultaneously.
What is the transmission range of the device?
About 100 meters in unobstructed surroundings.
Where do I pick up and return the device?
Pick-up and return is available at 6 major airports in Japan (It cannot be returned at Itami Airport). Our staff will meet with you upon arrival and before departure for handout and retrieval of the devices. Returning the devices at a different airport or by courier service (within Japan only) is also possible. Contact us if you have any special requests.
What is the rental cost and mode of payment?
The rental rate is calculated on the basis of a minimum group of 10 people, and includes one transmitter for the tour leader. Contact us for a quote if your group includes less than 10 people.
Additional transmitter rental fee is 5,500 Japanese Yen (VAT 10% included) regardless of rental length.
The rental fee per receiver is 1,980 Japanese Yen (VAT 10% included) for rentals of 1 to 7 days, and 2,200 Japanese Yen (VAT 10% included) for rentals of 8 to 14 days.
Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.
How to replace the battery?
This procedure is very easy, please refer to the user’s manual.
What about interference?
Depending on your surroundings, interference may occur. If you are in an area subjected to powerful magnetic waves or near someone using a mobile phone, interference may disrupt the Travel Earphone signal. In such circumstances, try changing the channel on both transmitter and receiver, or move away from the source of interference.
Can the device be used in very cold surroundings?
In very cold surroundings, the battery may drain faster than usual. If you find yourself in such conditions, switch off the device and warm it up in your pocket for a few minutes before switching it back on.