Attention to Business Travelers and Invitees

Attention to Business Travelers and Invitees
June 26, 2020

Welcome Services Package Plan for business travelers with COVID-19 measures

In the circumstance of COVID-19, there are still many restrictions and precautions to take, such as traveling without using public transportation.
Airserve proposes a comprehensive Business Traveler Assistance Plan at major international airports to reduce the time and effort of arrangements and to follow countermeasures guidance Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.
【RATE】Welcome Services Package Plan for 4-days

1 to 2 passenger(s)
* Inquire us if more than
3-passengers and 5-days.
Haneda International Airport 45,000Yen + tax
49,500Yen(tax included)
Narita International Airport 68,000Yen + tax
74,800Yen(tax included)
Kansai International Airport 65,000Yen + tax
71,500Yen(tax included)

【The Welcome Services Package Plan includes】

●Meet & Greet by Airserve Airport staff upon arrival.
●Cleaned and disinfected designated private vehicles for a round trip.
●A Rental secured Wi-Fi router with setup assistance.
●Gift 4 surgical masks per person for four days.

*Transfer vehicles use medium-sized sedans. Excess charges apply for early morning and late-night use. If more than one traveler, please contact us for vehicle type and rate.

The estimated destinations are basically inside the Tokyo 23 wards from Narita or Haneda airport and Osaka city area from Kansai airport. If not, please contact us.
This basic plan is designed as a model plan for four days. It will be customized as the request.
Airserve can arrange various additional arrangements such as accompanying English-speaking staff, arranging a hotel, and an emergency telephone service in English.
For details, please contact us.
Airserve Co., Ltd.
Business Hours: 9:30~18:30 GMT+09:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays


 ・Main Branch: +81-3-6745-8230
    Regarding Narita and Haneda Airport
 ・Osaka Branch:+81-6-4795-5790
    Regarding Kansai Airport