Welcome Back to Japan! Preparation Before Departure to Enter Japan from Overseas [Oct 1st, 2020]

Welcome Back to Japan! Preparation Before Departure to Enter Japan from Overseas [Oct 1st, 2020]

From October 1, 2020, the Government of Japan, in principle, has started to allow entry from all countries/regions for passengers with a status of residence such as business, study abroad, and family-stay. (Provided that there are host companies/organizations that can ensure epidemic prevention measures, the number of immigrants will be limited).

Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare have requested that the passenger from overseas follow the request below.

□ Secure a place to stay at a location (such as home, dormitory, and accommodation.) designated by the quarantine station director for 14 days from the day after entry (sample collection date).

□ Secure a means to move from the arriving airport or port to the place of stay without using public transportation. Use a private or chartered Car. (No-Taxi)

Register the place to stay after entering Japan and the means of transportation from the airport or port at the quarantine station.


Also, for those who have stayed in the “Immigration Refusal Area (* 1)” based on the Immigration Control Act 14 days Before the entry, we request the following:

□ Undergo a PCR test for the Covid-19.

□ In principle, wait in the designated area until the inspection result in the airport.

* It takes about 1 to 3 hours to get a result, yet depending on the situation such as re-inspection, it might take longer, and then you will have to go through immigration procedures. Please follow the induction and direction of the quarantine station.

Even if the test result of the Covid-19 in the quarantine is negative, it is required to wait at the place of stay secured by yourself for 14 days from the day after entering Japan, and it is subject to health confirmation by the Public Health Institutes.

Reference (Japnese) : Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare announcement



If you have no access to a safe, private vehicle and accommodation with Covid-19 measures, Airserve will arrange designated chartered vehicles for various sizes and accommodation with countermeasures.


Please contact us for further information and arrangements.




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